Online Members Vote – 2019 AGM

In the form below, please fill in your name and membership number and indicate if you will attending the AGM.

Your 4-digit membership number is printed on your membership card. If you will not be attending the meeting then you may appoint a proxy to vote instead. Please fill in the Form of Proxy section if this is the case. Please note:-

  • Junior members may attend, but are not entitled to vote or appoint a proxy
  • Family or Family Life members can exercise a single vote by either partner
  • Group membership entitles the organisation to vote in accordance with Rule 5 in the Association Code of Rules

If you do not wish to nominate a particular individual as your proxy, leave the field blank to nominate the Chairman of the Meeting as your proxy.
Click the [Send your vote] button at the bottom when you have completed the form.

Form of Proxy


To approve the minutes of the 2018 AGM


To receive and approve the Report of the Directors and Financial Statements for the year ended 31/03/2019


To elect Dave Green to the Board


To re-elect Neil McQueen to the Board


To re-elect Brian Burgess to the Board


To re-elect Bill Johnson as Membership Secretary


TTo re-elect Andrew McCracken & Ian Rattray as Editors for the Strathspey Express


To re-appoint Gareth Jones as Association Accountant


To set 2020 membership subscriptions at 2019 rates