The SRA Board

Ian Stanworth


Ian is sometimes found getting his hands dirty helping to maintain the track, killing weeds and cutting trees, is training to be a shunter and is the Noise and vibration advisor for the Railway.

Neil MacQueen

Board member

“I’ve been a PWay Volunteer for about 20 years and recently started a PWay Blog. I can also on occasion be found in the Carriage Shed or Guarding somewhat reluctantly as it’s my day job on the Big Railway.”

Brian Burgess

Board Member

I have been a volunteer now for nearly 25years and seen many changes. I am a guard on the railway which involves a lot of contact with the public. At present a driver/courier for Lochs and Glens holidays.

Mike Tough

Vice Chairman

“I am a retired Civil Engineer from Inverness who first volunteered on the Strathspey Railway in 1992 & have worked on the permanent way , the Broomhill Extension & various buildings related projects. I was involved in building the railway out to & over the River Dulnain . Once unfit for p way I plan to train as a guard”

Maureen Cuthbertson

Board Member

I have been involved with the railway since I moved here in 2013, I volunteered in the shop at Aviemore and helped with admin in the office when the railway was closed. I am now Station Manager at Aviemore.
I am also the promoter for the Association Annual Raffle .’

Nick Thomson

Finance Director

I am a retired architect, interested in all aspects of the Railway’s operation, including the Grantown Extension. A member since the 1980s, I have been involved with the Track Squad, running Broomhill Station and, presently, I am the Association’s Finance Director.

Roderick McLeod

Company Secretary

“I have been involved with the railway since 2013 when I moved to the area. I am a Guard and on the rota for Broomhill Station. I look after the 200 Club, and am currently, secretary of the Association”